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Electric car charging points

To meet this growing demand for electric vehicles Upgrade Electrical can install an Electric Car Charge point at your home quickly and efficiently.
As more and more people are turning towards electric cars to help protect the environment, car manufacturers from around the globe are constantly improving the design and cost effectiveness of electric cars which were once seen as expensive and impractical.
Benefits of electric cars include:
  • No CO2 emissions therefore helping to reduce air pollution and protect the environment from global warming.
  • Road tax, officially known as Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), is calculated based on the CO2 tailpipe emissions of your vehicle. Pure battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are therefore exempt from road tax.
  • Depending on your tariff, you could fully charge an electric vehicle for as little as 96p which would take you an average of 100 miles before having to re-charge.
  • Electric cars are more reliable than conventional car engines which have hundreds of moving parts, compared to an electric motor which has less than 20.
Contact Upgrade Electrical to see how we can help you in our journey towards a greener world.


ROLEC Electric Vehicle Charger fitted to outside wall
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Not one to leave reviews but feel this company deserves it. If you're after a company that gives an all round excellent package, I would highly recommend Upgrade. The team were excellent throughout our job which took 3 days, they worked really well with having children around (Very H&S conscious), very clean (always tidy) and uniformed and did the job on time with no delays even though hurdles were met having an old house. Overall, a massive thankyou to Upgrade for the pleasant experience we have had with them.



Luke Myers

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