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LED Lighting Strips

LED lighting technology has come a long way and now offers so many creative applications, all you need is your imagination!

LED Lighting Strips

Thinking of using LED Lighting?

LEDs were once expensive and very much limited to slow to warm up cold white LED bulbs. But now the variety and colours available today means that there a host of new creative applications in your home and garden. A good example of how LED lighting has advanced is LED strips, not only are these lights versatile but their adhesive backing or clips has opened up a whole new range of home and garden applications cheaply and effectively.

Here are just 10 examples of how these strips can transform areas in your home in ways previously unimaginable.

1. Ceiling Coving or Cornice

Installing LED strips in ceiling coving is an excellent way to enhance your ceiling and highlight any architectural details. Lighting used in this way can also create a warm relaxing ambiance to any room or hallway, function as a night light and enhance top of your kitchen cupboards.

2. Stairs

LED strips can be added to stairs both below the railing or underneath the tread. In the example photo they have been added along the bottom of the hand railing. Not only do they look sleek, but they will also make it easier to navigate the stairs at night without turning on bright overhead lighting. Motion sensors can also be installed to switch on the lights as you approach the stairs.

 3. Mirrors

Lighting of mirrors was once restricted to the use of bulky vanity mirror bulbs. LED strips enable backlighting of a mirror in a subtle contemporary way and the soft glow provides a very even level of lighting which in turn limits shadows.

4. Furniture

LED lighting strips under furniture can add a unique glow to any room and make a small space look larger. A few examples of furniture items where LED lighting could prove very effective include beds, sofas, chairs and tables.

5. Shelving and Cupboards

Transform boring shelves into something more interesting by using LED strip lights to showcase books, ornaments or artwork that would normally go unnoticed. Motion-activated LED light sticks can also be used to lighten dark closets and cupboards without the hassle of turning the lights on and off.

6. Cabinets, Plinths, and Drawers

Adding LED light strips under and in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and drawers, not only will enhance their look of these areas but will also provide functional lighting when searching for things and carrying out tasks.

7. Picture frames

By adding LED strips to the back of an existing picture frame you can easily enhance your prints, photos and artwork easily and safely as LEDs don’t emit heat and therefore don’t pose a fire risk.

8. Sink and bathtub rim

In addition to backlighting your bathroom mirror, you can also add relaxing, low-light ambience to your bathroom with the soft illumination of LED strips lighting up the bottom of your bathtub. Great way to help unwind after a hard day’s work.

9. Screens

Placing LED strips on the back of your various screens including computer and television not only provides a great cool-looking set up but also eases eye strain by offsetting the brightness.

10. Outdoors

LED strips can be used outdoors as well, just make sure they are properly rated for the environmental conditions they will be exposed to. Look for IP 65 or higher in areas where they will be splashed, rained on, or exposed to dust and dirt. Otherwise, they can be placed anywhere within reach of an outlet, including railings, stair treads, pathways, under roof soffits, porches, decking and patio furniture


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